The Boarding House Tour

Our exclusive pension tours guarantee you the opportunity to recover from the challenges of an off-road day for one evening and one night and to enjoy all the comforts of a comfortable accommodation with a well-kept pool.

The next morning it’s back to the pure off-road experience until the rind hopefully doesn’t crack. Rustically groomed and yet unrestricted adventure feeling, guaranteed!

Dates 2020

  • 28. Jun. – 03. Jul. 2020
  • 02. Aug. – 07. Aug. 2020
  • 06. Sep. – 11. Sep. 2020
  • 04. Okt. – 09. Okt. 2020

Experience pure nature in your own SUV – or take one of ours. We will gladly provide you with an equipped vehicle.

The nearby town of Targu-Jiu, with its historic town centre and market square, offers an authentic cityscape. There are many exciting excursion destinations to explore. For the evening there are several possibilities to dive into a lively nightlife. With its bars, restaurants, cafes and ice-cream parlours, even in the upper class category, every visitor will find his personal favourite place.

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The Boarding House Tour

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Pensions Tour Example – Carpathians / Romania

Sunday: Arrival
Until 17:00 we meet at the Pension Pensiunea Casa Cartianu. After a first bath in the pool, we have already shaken off our daily routine and are ready for the adventure… and of course the first cool beer at the bar (and a delicious dinner). In the evening we sit together in the first comfortable round and explain our adventure holiday next week. This includes progress, safety briefing and rules (environmental protection). Introduction and testing of our radios and the internal communication of our group. Joint technical inspection of vehicles and lowering of air pressure.
Monday: Get into the Adventure
Around 10:00 am we start our adventure after an extensive breakfast. Along a small stream we enter the nature of the Carpathian forests. Our first hurdle: the Volcano Pass! A 2000 year old road, built by the Romans, leads us through the wonderful rocky landscape of Romania. From now on it is clear to everyone at the latest: this trip will be worthwhile! Whether you were looking for adventure, relaxation or culture – now you know: with LUP Offroad you get it all! Petrosani – the centre of the mining district in Transylvania’s Carpathian mountains is also called the city of coal. In the meantime it has become a university town. The area around this place is so beautiful that even Jules Verne described this landscape in his book “The Carpathian Castle”. Continue in the direction of “Defileul Jiului” – the national park around the river “Jiu”, which is located between the volcanic and Parang mountains. If you like, you can book a small rafting tour and make your adventure holiday with LUP Offroad unique and unforgettable! For those who want more culture, there is the Lainici Monastery. On the territory of the present-day town of Bumbe? ti-Jiu there are remains of three Roman defences from the 2nd century. The adjacent monastery itself dates back to the 14th century. For the first full day? Not bad! So many impressions and something for everyone! After so many impressions we return to our common “base” of the Pension Pensiunea Casa Cartianu. Or did you book the camp tour? Then we look for a beautiful clearing with enough space and firewood – and best of all running water and let our common experiences sink at the cosy campfire.
Tuesday: Day of the valleys
Off to the next adventure! Our next stop is the Sohodolului Canyon. Breathtaking rock faces to the right and left. A raging river in the middle. And we’re in the middle of it! Luckily LUP Offroad guarantees the “No-Stress-Tours”. No matter how spectacular nature is, my vehicle and I are always safe and secure. So I can concentrate on the adventure. On the Internet it said that the right routes are hard to find here. Luckily our tour guide knows his way around and is from here. He also speaks my language and can answer all my questions. The next stop is Fischtal – a beautiful reservoir in the middle of the Transylvanian Carpathians. The dam was built between 1967 and 1973 and is 56 metres high. Apart from the drinking water supply, there are innumerable fish populations in this lake. It is a place not to be missed on your journey. And all without any stress on paths and paths through Romania’s forests. Stopovers and snacks are always possible. Coordination among each other is child’s play with the radios and the atmosphere is really cheerful and exuberant! It’s a pity that the day has only 24h! In the evening we return to our base. We are full of impressions – but the stomach says something else! Today I’m in the mood for hearty meat and a hearty nightcap. The mood rises and we chat at the pool until the moon rises.
Wednesday: Pure culture
New day – new impressions! A hearty breakfast quickly dispels the morning grouch. Briefing! Today we leave and do not return here. We’re moving our base and we’re going to spend the night somewhere else tonight. But on the way, we can still expect natural and cultural sites of a special kind! Manastirea Tismana – you just have to see it! The fortified monastery from the Middle Ages with its medieval walls and bastions in the corners is a real eye-catcher! Built naturally by the Romans, it is situated on Mount Starmina, surrounded by forests and steep cliffs, 30 km from Targu Jiu – ideal to reach by all-terrain vehicle. We go on – namely… to “Walachia”! Pades is a municipality in the district of Gorj in Wallachia in Romania and our next destination. Because there is the Cerna Spring! The spring is located on the south-east side of Mun? ii Godeanu, then continues south-westwards and flows into the Danube at Or? ova. The upper part of the river is also called Cerni? oara. On a length of 84 km it crosses a valley with numerous, sometimes very deep gorges. Before crossing the baths of B? ile Herculane, it flows through the? ierna reservoir. During the Habsburg Monarchy, Cerna formed the eastern border of the state. The Cerna valley is unique because it separates two different mountain ranges, completely enclosed by mountainous regions. What a wonderful day! Tired of dogs but totally satisfied, our “convoy” arrives at Casa Bella in Runcu. Even though Runcu is picturesquely beautiful in the Middle Ages – tonight we are most looking forward to a cool beer!
Thursday: No-Stress
Fortunately No-Stress! Some of them are allowed to sleep a little longer. Then it starts again! Get in the car – out into nature! This time our new destination lies UNDER the earth: The Women’s Cave, or “Pestera Muieri”, is one of the largest caves in Eastern Europe! Remains of cave bears and a skull dating back to about 30,000 years were found in the cave system. The skull was discovered in 1952 as that of a woman with anatomically modern features. But apart from the history, the countless stalactites and stalagmites can be admired as a real miracle! The next stop is “above ground”: Chieile Oltetului Ciungetul – mountain passes and canyons along picturesque streams and rivers through typical forests of the Carpathians. The full Carpathian feeling! Here everyone can really let off steam with his all-terrain vehicle! In the evening we return to Casa Bella in Runcu. It’s our last evening together – so let’s have a great time!
Friday: The Showdown
The alarm clock rings – my eyes open slowly – the sun is shining! Is this really the last day? Time passed so quickly! No second is boring and the experiences remain forever. What’s on the agenda today? Ranca Strategica! Old strategic military routes from World War I. Wonderful secret paths far away from the usual tourist routes. A last of refreshing nature, friendly atmosphere and the adventure of off-road driving. LUP Offroad has put together a really great tour! Accordingly, the farewell in Petrosani at 17:00 is very difficult. This is where our tour ends. But we will see each other again at LUP Offroad – everyone is sure!

Safety information

Your safety is important to us! Therefore, it is our highest commandment and part of our code of honour that everyone is cared for – no matter what happens. Due to our high safety standards and conscientious preparation and training we do not expect anything bad. However, we have nevertheless taken precautions in the event of any such cases.

20 years of experience, competent guides and scouts and thorough preparation are a solid foundation for a relaxed off-road trip. LUP Offroad Tours & Coaching has of course all the required insurances. We also recommend the conclusion of a travel cancellation costs / travel health insurance. For this we have a strong and competent partner with www. travelsafe – more information and a registration form can be found at

Please also inform yourself about the extent to which your trip may be covered by the services of your automobile club.

LUP Offroad offers you a wide network of specialist workshops, support points, towing services and parts suppliers directly on site. Our scouts can carry out minor repairs on site and speak fluent German, English, French and Romanian.

Medical care
In mountain regions we work closely with the mountain rescue service and can adapt the tour to the needs and wishes of the group depending on the weather. On our tours there is always a hospital nearby. We are always supplied with sufficient medication on site.
Travelling with pets
For travel with pets, please note the always up-to-date information (“Travelling with pets”) of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection at
Special Customs Regulations - International
Depending on the country, importation of foreign exchange is possible in unlimited amounts, but there is a reporting requirement for entry and exit from 10,000 EUR upwards. This sum may change at short notice. Foreign exchange should be exchanged in official exchange offices (not on the street). Hunting and firearms (for use as sporting weapons) and their ammunition must be declared when crossing the border. This also applies to gas pistols that can be purchased and carried in Germany by adults without authorisation. The importation of all other weapons and ammunition is prohibited. Failure to comply will be prosecuted. For further details, please also see the notes on the Romanian Customs website at Further customs information on importing goods can be obtained from the embassy in your country of destination. Only there can you be given legally binding information. The customs regulations for Germany can be consulted on the website of the German Customs or can be requested by phone.
For secure and up-to-date information on your destination, the ADAC has provided us with a Link which provides you with additional country information.

Rental cars

We will be happy to provide you with a “Wolf” as a rental car.

Our rental car, the Mercedes G250 Model 460 (military version) has 92hp, lockable differentials and with its raised body, modified chassis and MT all-terrain tyres it is best suited to “experience” the Carpathians. The 2-seater “Wolf” also has a 12V on-board power supply, a 230V voltage converter and a radio, the loading area can be used as a lying surface – an ideal companion – also for our camping tours. The rental fee is EUR 300.00/day (in addition to the respective tour price) and discounts are available for tours lasting several days.

Please ask for availability of our rental cars at Reservation.