About LUP

THOMAS Classen, Lieutenant Colonel and entrepreneur from Neuss is father of the family and has two sons.

Twenty years ago, Thomas learned to control a wide range of different vehicle types in heavy terrain under professional management during his time in the military. From this he developed a passion for off-road sport in decommissioned manoeuvre areas of the British Army and army.

For Thomas, sport also means the search for new goals and the expansion of borders. He explored the Trollstigen in Norway, the Abruzzo, the Scottish Highlands and finally discovered a mountain range in the Romanian Carpathians, which is unique in its beauty and variety of his impressions. The 48-year-old met his Bucharest-born wife Carmen, who spent her holiday as a volunteer with the Forest-Rangers in the Carpathians.

With this background of very good contacts and a lot of insider knowledge about the region, Thomas and Carmen started to organize the first Carpathian off-road tours 10 years ago, until they founded the LUP-Karpaten-Offroad as a company three years ago. Today, the organisation offers off the beaten track tours in unspoilt mountain scenery, where participants have the opportunity to reconcile difficult terrain with the performance of the vehicle and their own skills under professional guidance. The participants will also explore the country and the people in their original way.