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Your adventure tour operator with more than 20 years of off-road experience!
You can expect guided off-road experiences in the most moving natural landscapes of Europe. We drive with you to destinations you can’t reach otherwise. At the same time we overcome obstacles and inclines that lead you to places that are simply breathtakingly beautiful.

Our offer is aimed at adventurous groups and families as well as individuals. We always keep an eye on the group and your vehicle and with our trained and experienced eye we ensure that the vehicles are used in a material-saving manner.

Whether it’s an onroad tour with off-road elements or a pure off-road holiday – with lots of insider tips in your luggage, you’ll explore the country like no other tourist will experience it. Our ambition is to connect with the Offroad country & people of the travel region.

Our tour offers are unique, flexible and safe, demanding and with a distinctive travel character – it is all about the relaxed and appropriate movement of your off-roader with an experience for all senses. Whether in a cosy guesthouse or rustic with a tent, an unforgettable adventure holiday is guaranteed.

Our trips are suitable for off-road vehicles equipped as standard and limited to 5 vehicles per trip!

LUP Offroad Coaching

Coaching • off-road driving school • 4x4 training • off-road training

Our coaching sessions can be booked individually as a group or as a corporate event.

Away from asphalt and tar, it is important to assess the terrain and the subsoil correctly at all times and to adapt the driving style accordingly. In our Basis Offroad Coaching 1.0 & 2.0 we impart the basic principles of driving physics and show limits which are different for each vehicle due to its construction. Our one-day off-road training sessions take place on the grounds of the Fursten Forest in Fürstenau/Lingen.

There we find a wide variety of subsoils and levels of difficulty.

We will show you what is possible with your vehicle without excessive use of the equipment and will give you tips and tricks on the use of all-wheel drive. Without being exposed to a real critical situation, you learn to control your vehicle in a protected environment and under professional guidance.

In addition, we will show you how to handle rescue equipment such as winches, kinetic ropes, shackles and pulleys.

You will learn how to control your vehicle safely and stress-free in crossings, inclines and rides on different surfaces up to the passage through water.

We are always at your side with words and deeds. All questions regarding vehicle, equipment and offroad will be answered. It doesn’t matter whether you drive through sand, mud or water, uphill or downhill. After our off-road training you will feel safe in every driving situation.

The Fursten Forest off-road terrain and the surrounding area offer a wide range of gastronomy and accommodation, as well as the possibility to camp on-site – so that both courses can be completed on one weekend if required.

We also offer gift vouchers for special occasions.

Basic Offroad Coaching 1.0

Driving training in the Fursten Forest (near Lingen/Ems).
Teach basic knowledge and use of all-wheel drive in the field. The aim of Coaching 1.0 is to teach you how to handle your vehicle safely.

Basic Offroad Coaching 2.0

As a build-up coach you will learn to feel your vehicle and appreciate situations even better on this day. Under professional guidance, the learning content from the basic coaching 1.0 will be deepened and implemented through practical exercises.

LUP Offroad Tours

Wild Carpathians / Romania

Offroad travel in general

Our experienced scouts are at your side – so we enjoy untroubled tours, experience impressive views of untouched landscapes and move our cars to destinations that mass tourism never sees.

The Camp Tour

For the purists among the off-roaders there are our camp tours. Here, off-road becomes a personal full-body challenge. You have 24 hours a day the opportunity to get in touch with nature, your vehicle and the travel group.

The Boarding House Tour

Our pension trips guarantee the possibility to relax from the challenges of an off-road day for one evening and one night and to enjoy all the comforts of a comfortable accommodation. The next morning it’s back to the pure off-road experience.

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